Why Our Bag?

We made an awesome choice…but it didn’t happen overnight! – Why we chose OUR make-up bag?

I think we can all agree that we live in a NOW society. Everything happens so quickly for us.

We want food. We don’t have to leave the house or even speak to anyone on the telephone.

We want to do our weekly food shop. Do it all from your phone.

Go clothes shopping? Order it online.

Book a holiday? No need for travel agents.

However, it’s not everything we can just do instantly and not every decision can be made in that moment. Some things take a lot of thought, precious time and most importantly…a lot of heart. And this is exactly how we ended up choosing our make-up bag and designing it to be just right, not just for us, but most importantly for you.

Would you believe us if we told you that the first product of ‘Sam Alphie’ didn’t even begin with the perfectly gorgeous, smart and sophisticated cosmetic bag that it is today?

We spent hours, days and weeks looking at branding and designing larger make-up organisers, discussing what designs would work, what would make our organiser stand out from any other out there etc. But after however many phone calls, researching other products, business meetings in the living room and copious amount of Earl Grey tea, we realised that a wonderfully spacious but petite cosmetic bag would be perfect.












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