Who is Sam Alphie?

Two people make up this brand and not one of us has the first name Sam or Alphie. “So who is Sam Alphie, and why the hell is his name on your bag?”

This is a question we get asked pretty much 99% of the time when we show anyone our new bag, and if they haven’t asked, it’s usually because they’re distracted by how nice they think it is. Well, that or their glasses are steamed up as we’ve literally shoved it in their faces as soon as they’ve stepped inside in the warmth from the royally crap weather we’re having at the moment. We like to think it’s the former.

Choosing a name for our brand started from random words and ideas being written in one of today’s modern notebooks…the notes section on your iPhone. Some were pretty terrible, not gonna lie. But we had to start somewhere, and in ten years’ time, people wouldn’t think that we were clever with names like ‘TwentyPhive’, but would just think we were two twenty-odd-year-olds who were trying to be too quirky and couldn’t spell.

Although it seems as though we’ve plucked some random name out of the air, we promise, there is some meaning behind it. You know everyone likes a little something sentimental when you’re telling them a story about your business and how you began. They want some incredible story about how you came to be and how we once had a friend called Sam who really inspired us to go for everything we wanted and we have dedicated this brand to him, and then you grip the hearts of the people and they support you and buy into your product.

Well, that’s just not what happened here. It was a lot more basic.

It is simply a combination of parts of our full names and that’s pretty much it. No interesting back story. No hero called Sam who once inspired us. Just two best friends who decided to go into business together and combine an element of our names.

Saying that we love it and have fallen in love with our brand, and we hope that you all will as well. Read our blog to learn and hear about our journey. We think it’ll be pretty interesting, but seeing as we have just started out, we’re riding it out with you and we think that’s the fun of it.

If you’ve actually read this until the end, thanks, it’s appreciated. This whole entry could have been done in a couple of sentences, but pretty sure blogs are meant to be longer than that and if not…

We’re new to this. Sorry.


Sam Alphie (hehe)












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